Matus Open Day

Matus’ 75th birthday celebrations began with the Matus Open Day held on 24 to 26 March 2017 at the Kyalami International Convention Centre.

The Open Day saw 50 different brands being showcased in 40 stalls. It also saw the launch of the much anticipated Kendo, Blu Mol and Blu Mol Extreme brands as well as the Gedore – Caroulus brand.



More than 1500 customers visited the Open Day to see Matus brands hard at work. The Open Day was an opportunity for customers, suppliers and the Matus sales team to connect over brands and product. It was a platform to launch Matus’ new brands and product lines. The Open Day displayed how Matus is staying a cut above the rest.

Customers got to experience the size and magnitude of Matus. Many customers were surprised by just how big the Matus range and footprint is.

A VIP evening for 400 customers and suppliers was held on 24 March. VIP invitees got a chance to engage with suppliers and the full Matus management team. A fun evening was had by all, with Chris Forrester keeping guests entertained.

The Matus Open Day was a huge success thanks to the support of customers, suppliers and sponsors – Gedore and Spanjaard. A hammering time was had by all who attended.

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