Rebuilding Communities

Rebuilding Communities

At Matus, we work hard for our customers and we work hard to help our communities.

Together we can put our resources and our skills to work, to build a better South Africa.






A perfect example of this was seen when the Matus team answered the call to help the fire ravaged Knysna community.

On 7 June 2017 the Western Cape braced itself for what was reported to be the storm of the year. Everyone was readying themselves for floods, strong winds and high seas.

We had no idea what was on its way, on the morning of 8 June the Garden Route woke up to a completely different disaster, one we were not prepared for , fire. The monster had consumed most of Knysna and Plettenbergbay by 9 June 2017.

On the evening of 8 June 2017, the Matus Cape Town branch started discussing ways to help out over our Whatsapp group. Little did we know the true extent of the disaster. On Friday 10 June Eben and myself started handing out clean up packs, consisting of FFP2 masks, cut resistant gloves and safety spectacles.

We handed over 100 packs to two of our big customers, to make sure that it gets to the com-munity where it was needed the most. There was a thick cloud of smoke over the area and on Saturday we delivered more FFP2 masks to be handed out to the community.

The one victim of the fire, a brave 24 year old young man, actually worked for Build- It Plett, 30 pairs of gumboots were donated to the Plettenbergbay fi re department in his name.


We worked with our customers offering “Clean up specials” and “Rebuilding Specials” Slowly but surely Knysna and Plett are rebuilding. Lee-Ann Scanlen



On 17 July we received the following request from Buco Plett:


“Hi Natasha,


Please see attached letter from Ian a local metal worker.
He is also a volunteer fi re fi ghter who badly burnt both hands and face in the recent fi re in the area.
It is a miracle that he survived, when he and a colleague were engulfed by fi re while out on a rescue.
He ended up as the surviving fi re fi ghter who was interviewed on SABC news a few days later. Until the fi re he used a MAT9055K that he purchased from us to make security gates etc to make a living. His 1 hand is really shot so I’m sure a mig welder will assist him to earn money again soon.
Please see what can be done on the price of a Matmig250.
I am going to motivate that we then sponsor this unit to him.
This is a good cause, please motivate with your management for special consideration.”


Our team put our heads together, to proudly live up to the Matus Moto of “BUILD A BETTER SOUTH AFRICA” by sponsoring a MAT9080 to this brave young man, enabling him to support his family once again and give employment to others in the area.


Thank you Matus for all the support in our community and helping us build a better South Africa.

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