Corporate Social Initiatives

Matus philosophy to our Corporate Social Initiatives (CSI) is that we need to make a difference to the communities that our people live and work in. To drive this we have established a CSI team made up of volunteer employees who receive requests for assistance. The team assesses each request and decides on what assistance can be done. The team is also responsible for ensuring that the assistance identified is executed.

Matus Corporate Social Investment focus on building skills, infrastructure and educational and healthcare resources in the communities that our employees live and work in. Some of the work done by the CSI team includes:


  • Donating a wheelchair and physiotherapy sessions to a fellow employee
  • Donating tools to a Technical High School
  • Renovating the rooms destroyed in a fire of a fellow employee
  • Supplying sanitary towels to school going girls in disadvantaged communities
  • Renovating toilets for a Primary School within the community


Matus is committed to investing 1% of profit after tax in social development programmes through these initiatives.